Find a Title for your book

Thanks to all of you who commented on a possible title for my arson book.

First the clichés:

For the life of me-I can’t do something even to save my own life. Expression dates from early 18th Century, used not when one’s life is really in danger. An early version was used in Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield (1766).

Bold as Brass-Impudent, shameless. Simile is same source as brazen, which means either made of brass or shameless, too bold. The latter dates back to Shakespear’s time. Present dates from late 17th Cent.

No way- Under no circumstances. Dates from the 1960s and is American in origin. Slangy has several variations – as in “no way, Jose”, no way, shape or form. See J.G. Vermandel in Dine with the Devil (1970)

How do you pick a title for your book? I always thought you found a phrase that you used in your book and went from there.  Well I’ve been working with a Redwood Writers member who helps many of us design books and he suggested a two word title.  All of you who commented came up with some good ideas.  I was on the fence, so I decided to run some of them by Goodreads.  Well, my number one pick for a title – Night Terrors – has so many books by that title, that I stopped counting. That title is no longer an idea.

Another Redwood Writer’s member said to remember that when you are designing your book cover, you don’t want to do a “see and say”. What does that mean? Well, she said that if your title has terror in it and your design shows “terror”, that’s a see and say, and you can delete the terror title.

So picking a title is not much ado about nothing.  You need to be specific and consider the cover design as well as the title.  I’ve decided that to do one’s own thing is not a good idea at this point.  The RW member also said she used a firm that helps people decide whether to self-publish or go traditional route and helps with titles, back covers, etc.  So I might just check them out.  Picking a title for your book and a design cover is very important and it’s not something you rush into so I’m going to slow down a bit and consider all possibilities.

So how do you pick a title for your book?  Let me know.

Keep Writing,


Spam Comments…

Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions on my title.

Last clichés:

Whys and Wherefores-underlying reasons. Originally “why” alluded to the reason for something, and “wherefore” to how it came to be. In 16th Cent. “wherefore” was used in the meaning of “because.”  Today, it’s simply a cliché for all the reasons for something.

For the Record-for publication; public knowledge. Originated in 20th Century. Expression appeared in Arthur Clarke’s sci-fi novel, Prelude to Space (1953)

How did you do?

Anyway, for the life of me I can’t figure out how come I get so many spam comments.  Do you get these? I had to weed through them to find real comments from you. I even have the “capta” signature to avoid them. They are really annoying.  But I’ve been told the only way to get rid of them is to not have comments at all.  They must be bold as brass to come onto someone’s website and post there comments that have nothing to do with your blog, but trying to sell their product.

No way would I ever allow the comments to be posted on my Blog and I assume neither would any of you, so why do they continue to try?  I spend minutes spamming all of their posts.  When they get spammed, do they get blocked from the website?  I’m not sure; I would like to hope so.

So how do you feel about the spam comments?  Have any ideas on how to stop.

Until next time, I’ll just keep marking the spam and weeding through to find real comments from you, and know that I really appreciate the real comments.

Keep Writing,