Hello. I’m Julie A. Winrich aka J.A. Winrich. I mainly write psychological thriller/suspense novels, but have a young adult novel, a Spanish/English children’s book I’m working on, as well as a new type of writing I’m trying out. I love to write, not for money, but because it completes me. Writing is for my soul and entertainment. I’ve published two short stories in children’s magazines, but then I switched to adult novel writing. I have three published novels Night Terror, Vanity Killed, and Birthmark Killer, and a new Young Adult novel called Debbie’s Summer Awakening, and two novels I’m currently working on. I used to belong to Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club, which helped me keep writing because their motto is “writers helping writers.” However, I’m rarely in California anymore, so now I belong to The Society of Southwestern Authors, Santa Cruz Valley Chapter, an Arizona club. 

I love traveling, playing tennis, and my family. I was born in Ukiah, California, north of San Francisco about two hours or so on a ranch with grapes, pears, prunes, and hay. I became a legal secretary, and then took over my family ranch. I worked not only as the bookkeeper on the ranch, but physically as well. I bucked hay, laid pipe for irrigation, pruned, ran picking crews, and drove a D-2 Cat through the vineyards. I’m retired now and write full time, when I’m not traveling or playing. I live mainly in Southern Arizona. I go where the warm weather is.