Hello.  I’m Julie A. Winrich aka J.A. Winrich. I mainly write psychological thriller/suspense novels, but have a young adult novel, a Spanish/English children’s book, as well as a new type of writing I’m trying out. I love to write, not for money, but because it completes me.  Writing is for my soul and entertainment. I’ve published two short stories in children’s magazines, but then I switched to adult novel writing. I have two published novels Night Terror and Vanity Killed and one novel I’m currently working on, which is almost finished, and one partially started. I used to belong to Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club, which helped me keep writing because their motto is “writers helping writers.” However, I’m rarely in California any more, so now I belong to The Society of Southwestern Authors, Santa Cruz Valley Chapter, an Arizona club. I also am a member of Sisters in Crime.

I love traveling, playing tennis, and my family. I was born in Ukiah, California, north of San Francisco about 2 hours or so on a ranch with grapes, pears, prunes, and hay. I became a legal secretary, and then took over my family ranch. I worked not only as the bookkeeper on the ranch, but physically as well. I bucked hay, laid pipe for irrigation, pruned, ran picking crews, and drove a D-2 Cat through the vineyards. I’m retired now and write full time, when I’m not traveling or playing. I live mainly in Southern Arizona. I go where the warm weather is.

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    • Thanks, Linda,
      Still kind of editing them. Being out of the country was hard to try to get published, so now getting more serious. Julie

  1. Hi Julie,
    Just got introduced to your blog and enjoyed reading your take on the conference and those cliches. Three novels! Good for you. You are an inspiration and I plan to follow your blog.

  2. ‘Good on ya, girl!’ both for the completed novels and your dive into ‘authors platforms.’ I’ve spent the better part of 8 months struggling with website, FB, LinkedIn and the rest. Over that time have collected (and saved in different folders) a fair number of blogs and articles/reports on different aspects of all that–websites, blogs, videos, FaceBook, ebooks and videos. If you ever want to sample them, I’m happy to share.

  3. Julie, I love the openings to your novels! It’s time to take that Next Step. Publish! If Blake helped you with your website, then he can show you the Createspace ropes! Do it. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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