Debbie's Summer Awakening
Debbie's Summer Awakening



Debbie Hall and her best friend Sarah James just graduated from eighth grade.

Debbie looks forward to enjoying her summer with Sarah and starting her new job at her parents’ burger joint. However, Sarah is more interested in searching for a boyfriend before beginning high school.

Misadventures happen at the lake, her job, and at the movies, including having a crush of her own. Debbie learns first-hand from Sarah just how cruel girls can be when boys enter the picture.

Will Debbie’s summer bring true love, true friendship, or both?


Debbie Hall studied the crowded cafeteria. Pop music thundered throughout the room. Several eighth-year graduating students gyrated to the beat blasting from the speakers. Some slumped in chairs with blank looks on their faces. Others leaned against and held up the walls, as Sarah James and she did.


This book is a must-read for any teen who has been tossed into the turbulent waters of dating while attempting to keep alive the close friendships of childhood. Not only will Debbie’s Summer Awakening resonate with every teenage girl, it might also give adolescent boys a bit of an edge up when it comes to the workings of the female mind.
—Bonnie Papenfuss, author of From the Window of God’s Waiting Room and From the Window of a Mid-Century Childhood


Debbie’s Summer Awakening takes me back to “the Good Old Days”, when we were innocent, and just becoming aware of boys. I think this will be a wholesome and enjoyable read for young girls — and boys– about to embark on this momentous journey.
—Nancy Strom, author of Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation


Coming of age can be such a confusing and painful experience. Like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, the process is necessary in order to become all we can be. We all dream of who we want to be, while learning to embrace who we are. This is a coming-of-age story where Debbie rejects the role she’s been assigned and learns she must define herself.
—Denise Turner, author of Straighten Your Crown (You’re the Daughter of a King)