Amber “Rocky” Rockwell visits her friend Sarah Hudson, but she’s too late. Sarah supposedly committed suicide. Amber knows better. Can she convince the police to look for a murderer? Sarah’s boyfriend Cash Lancaster collects beautiful things, including women. When Amber discovers those women are all dead, will she be next? Will Sarah’s ex-boyfriend do his job as a police detective or will he protect Lancaster?

When Amber finds a note with Sarah’s and her name written several times on it, and in the end appears like Sarah’s handwriting, will Detective Steve Burns finally believe that maybe Sarah did not commit suicide and help her to discover who in Lancaster’s circle committed these murders?

Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Writer Jaw Books; 1 edition (November 28, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989565025
ISBN-13: 978-0989565028
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inchess


Today, the prized possession dies.
I hide behind the brocade drapes and peer through the sheer curtains at the front parlor window. Everything looks distorted.
My heart races. Blood rushes through my veins. Chills shoot along my spine and I shudder from the rush. I have to kill again.


Vanity Killed – A Winner!

Vanity Killed, J.A. WInrich’s second novel, is a classic psychological drama, featuring a wide range of memorable, well-drawn characters and a twisting plot that keeps the reader guessing right up until the shocking conclusion.

When Amber Rockwell, affectionately known as Rocky, arrives to visit Sarah, her long-time best friend, she is stunned to hear that Sarah has committed suicide. Rocky cannot accept that Sarah would ever kill herself and becomes convinced she has been murdered. Thus begins a thrilling ride for the reader as suspect after suspect enters the increasingly complicated saga of Sarah and her wealthy boyfriend, Cash Lancaster.

With unique glimpses into the mind of the murderer, the reader finds himself enveloped in an unfolding drama with a determined Rocky Rockwell at the center. Calling this book a page turner would be an understated cliché.
Vanity Killed will leave any reader anxiously watching for the next J.A. Winrich novel. – Albert J. Southard

Five Stars

Keeps you thinking till the end. – Dawn A. Goetz

A Thriller for Sure

It’s after noon on Friday and Sarah arrives home from a morning at her favorite L.A. salon. Once a modest and loving companion, Sarah’s vanity is now evident as she blows in the door, tosses her coat on the floor, checks herself in the mirror, and pours a glass of champagne. As Sarah yells for the butler to hang up her wrap, the phone rings. It’s Sarah’s friend “Rocky.” She and Amber Rockwell have been as close as sisters since high school. Sarah whines to Rocky about her disenchantment with boyfriend Cash Lancaster. She wants to move out and return to her modeling career. When Rocky says she is flying out from New York to see her the following Tuesday, Sarah is overjoyed. But when Amber arrives at the Lancaster home, she finds it empty except for a caterer who tells her the rest of the household is at a funeral for a family member. With a feeling of foreboding, Amber drives to the gravesite and finds a grief-stricken Cash who informs her Sarah died the previous Friday evening—the official cause of death: suicide. Sarah left a note addressed to Amber which said simply, “I’m sorry.” Amber can’t believe what she’s hearing. The two shared a secret pact they made as teenagers, and she is positive Sarah did not kill herself. She also knows if Sarah had written the suicide note, she’d have addressed it to Rocky, not Amber. Someone else wrote that note. Facing the likelihood of foul play, Amber begins her own investigation. Will she expose a killer or end up another victim of vanity?

With a handful of potential perpetrators, this psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. – Dawn A. Goetz