Opening Paragraphs from my Novels:

From my published psychological thriller novel, NIGHT TERROR:
Kathy lay on the bed facing the Queen Anne-style Victorian’s bedroom wall. Bright orange flames raced up; the loud crackling hurt her ears. She shut her eyes against the inferno. As she clutched the comforter to her chin, her heart pounded. Dear God, when I open my eyes, let the blaze be gone.

From work in progress thriller novel entitled BIRTHMARK:
Sam Volarie stared as the long, thin-bladed knife ripped the soft white underbelly open. Entrails exploded from the 496 pound female Bull shark she had caught earlier onto the Cabo San Lucas boat ramp. She gasped from the putrid stench, but smiled anyway as the captain took pictures of her standing next to the eleven foot long shark.

From my published psychological thriller novel, VANITY KILLED:
Today, the prized possession dies.
I hide behind the brocade drapes and peer through the sheer curtains at the front parlor window. Everything looks distorted.
My heart races. Blood rushes through my veins. Chills shoot along my spine and I shudder from the rush. I have to kill again.

From my Young Adult Novel, DEBBIE’S SUMMER AWAKENING:
Debbie peered around the crowded cafeteria. Rock and roll music thundered throughout the room as some graduating students gyrated to the beat blasting from the speakers. Others sat in chairs with blank looks on their faces, while others stood leaning, holding up the walls, like Sarah and she were doing.

From My English/Spanish Alphabet Book:
Aa Airplane avion
One silver airplane flies in the blue sky.
Un avion de plata vuela en el cielo azul.

From my work-in-progress novel, working title: TRINI:
Who would have named their daughter Trinity Anne St. Paul? God must have had a hand in that one, especially since I was born in 1904 on a dilapidated farm outside of Love, California, although we didn’t have love. Maybe the town did, but definitely not my family.