It has been a long time. Unfortunately, I had issues with my website. I’m proud to say they are fixed, and soon, I will be revamping my website so it’s more user friendly. That will be coming shortly, as well as my new book.

I will continue putting clichés throughout my writing, and you will continue to find them and then the next week, I will give you the definitions. Of course, I will continue to write about writing, but may have some “extras” in my blog posts. Hope you will still follow me and have your friends come check me out

First, Last Clichés:

Kit and caboodle, (the whole)—All of it; everything. We’ll speculate that caboodle comes from the Dutch boedel, which means a large quantity. Kit has long meant a set of tools or equipment for a specific purpose; i.e. makeup kit or tool kit. The OED maintains that caboodle is a corruption of kit and boodle, and gives quotations for whole caboodle (1838), kit and cargo (1852), kit and boiling (1859), and lastly, the hul kit and boodle (1861). They all meant the same thing—“the lot.”

Red Herrings- A repeat and used in my Nov. 11, 2017 post, so you can find description in Nov. 29, 2017 post.

Dead in the Water—A failure. This phrase alludes to dead fish floating. This dates from the second half of the 1900s and is most often applied to a business that is struggling and is about to fail completely.

Fighting Mad—Infuriating. This American expression dates from the late 19th century. William James used it in a letter of 1896: “If any other country’s ruler…equal moral ponderosity, …population…gone twice as fighting made as ours?”

So, how many did you find?

The Society of Southwestern Authors put on a Second Annual Tucson Self-Publishing Expo on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018.

I paid $25.00 for the 9 – 4 event, and you said it, friend, it was the best money I’ve spent on a writing event in a long time. My fellow writers and I kept our fingers crossed we weren’t wasting our time and money. We all learned so much and came away very excited.

We had four workshops: “How to Create a Killer Book Marketing Plan” by Sandra Beckwith from; “The Reality of Marketing” by D.L. Dennis, Author of several books; “The Nuts and Bolts of How to Create a Professional Book” by JaNell Lyle from Truth Book Publishers; and “The Secret to E-Book Publishing Success” by Jim Azevedo from Smashwords.

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, the expo was over. In my upcoming blog posts, I will relay what I learned. But if you get a chance to attend a writing conference, workshops, etc. please do so, and I hope you have as good an event as I did.

So, Keep Writing!