First last clichés:

Easier said than done-This describes something that usually is talked about rather than accomplished. Date back to 15th Cent. even in Bible. See John Heywood’s 1564 proverbs.

Think twice – Consider before you speak or act. Old idea used more in late 19th Cent.  See Eugen F. Ware’s poem “Think Twice” (c.1885).

Ball in your court – your turn. Comes from sports, current in U.S. and Canada in mid-20th Cent. Sometimes said as “It’s your ball.” See Countdown (1990) by David Hagberg.

Let’s talk turkey. Writing the story is the easiest part of the book. Then you have editing, re-editing, and re-editing. First, you have to know when to finally quit editing. I believe that even after a book is published, writers will still edit their book. After it’s been edited by a professional and you’ve made the corrections, at this point, one should probably say it’s ready for publication.

Now what? Are you going to self-publish, e-book, or look for an agent to sell you book to a publishing house? That’s a key decision. Book publishing is not a bed of roses. Once you’ve made your decision, if you go traditional route — some aspects you don’t have to consider.

However, if you’re going to self-publish and/or e-book — then you have to think about font type, looks of printed book, size of book, front cover design, back cover and write a back cover copy, and even the side cover-how it will look, not to mention giving your book a title that will not be quite the same as the picture on the cover, but jump out and say –Buy Me!

So, give it your best shot. Write your best story and then publish it.

Keep Writing,