Hello everyone!
Late Again in part to buy a new computer and getting used to it.

Last clichés:
Slow But Sure–Plodding but reliable. Dates early 17th century. Idea old as Aesop’s fable re tortoise and hare. Found in John Marston’s 1606 play, The Fawn.

The Hard Way — Most difficult method or path. Comes from game of craps = making 2 dice come up with a pair of equal numbers totaling the point. Term extended to “learn something the hard way” = learn from bitter experience or “come up the hard way”= rise by one’s own efforts.

Creature Comforts — Life’s material amenities. Dates from 17th Cent. Thomas Brooks’s Collected Works (1670) and in Matthew Henry’s 1710 Commentaries on the Psalms.

That’s How the Cookie Crumbles — or that’s how the ball bounces–This is the way things have turned out and nothing can be done about it; that’s fate. Expressions current in America in the mid-20th Cent. and quickly spread to rest of English-speaking countries. Check out The Zoo Story (1960) by Edward Albee.

This weekend I went to the Redwood Writers Agents day and we got to “pitch” our books to different agents. The Team to put this event on came off clean as a whistle. It was a great day and met some very interesting writers, agents and editors.

Have you ever gone to a “Pitching” session? I had 5 minutes to tell them about my story and let them ask me questions. Believe it or not, five minutes is a very long time.

I was able to speak with a pitching coach before the event and she was very helpful. Basically said we’re all people in the room, remember to breathe, engage them, and speak slowly and because I speak so softly, to speak up, and know that they won’t bite. She was very helpful and I believe I did okay with my pitches. Very nervous, but a learning experience and I was asked to send in 10 pages and a 2 page synopsis by two different agents.
A great Day!

Keep Writing!
Have a Nice Day