Hope you are all well and healthy. Prayers are with you.

Last Clichés:

Green Light — This refers to permission to proceed, alluding to the green of traffic lights. Of course, this signifies to “go ahead,” which started in railroads in the 19th century. Terence Rattigan in his play French without Tears(1937): “We had a bottle of wine and got pretty gay, and all the time she was giving me the old green light.”

Look into Crystal Ball– Of course this refers to seeing into the future. The fortune teller’s crystal ball predeates this term’s appearance in print by several years. In 1855, Robert Browning’s Men and Women (1855): “The sights in a magic crystal ball.”

Cry One’s Eyes out– To mourn or weep non-stop. This is a hyperbole — weeping cannot cause one’s eyes to fall out– dates back to early 18th century. See Colley Cibber’s 1705 play The Careless Husband; and Jonathan Swift’s  Polite Conversation (1738). In 19th century sometimes referred to as cry one’s heart out, used in popular romantic novels, i.e. Margaret Oliphant’s Joyce (1888).

So, how many did you find?

What are you doing during the Corona Virus outbreak? I hope you’re all chilling out and not joining the hoarders. I don’t feel that the chips are down in this instant. Being at home as a writer is not unusual for me. You can get a lot done and enjoy yourselves and your family. As you can tell by this blog, I’m writing again. Haven’t written for sometime here, and on my next novel.

I have been working on my Spanish/English number, letters, colors book. But now I have a chance to write, write, and write some more.

I have gone to Smashwords and joined the Authors Give Away program and put all three of my e-books: Birthmark Killer, Vanity Killed, and Night Terror on a 60% off sale that runs now through April 20, 2020. If you haven’t read any of my books, now is a chance to get a kindle discount.

I’ve also gone to Amazon and changed the pricing of my books and e-books. Now’s the time to try them out.

So, while at home, write, read, and keep writing!