Today’s Saturday and I’m still at this blog. Not sure who’s looking at it, but sure appreciated all those who’ve commented on it and taken a peak.  Hopefully, those that did will check in every now and again. I would hate to think that this is a lost cause of my writing and getting known.

As promised yesterday, I started putting in cliches somewhere into my blog and I’ll tell you what it was and its history.

Yesterday’s cliche: Finders, Keepers–several expressions of this all pertain to the law that if you find something, even if it’s someone else’s, you can keep it for them.  First appeared:  Roman playwright Plautus, approx. 200 B.C., check out D.M. Moir (Mansie Wauch), 1824 and Charles Reade (It is Never Too Late to Mend), 1856.     So did you find it yesterday?

I started this blog because that’s what “they” say you are to do if you want to get a fan base and get your name out there in the public to get published in the writing field some day.  So here I am, baring my writing soul. I’ve found that by writing about writing, it “duh” keeps me writing!  Yes, but it also gives me inspiration and gets rid of some of my frustrations.  If I have writer’s block, I’ll be able to come here and spout off.  Maybe this Blog will keep that from happening.

Where do I get ideas for the blog?  Whatever pops into my mind.  The other day I came up with the cliche idea and I’ll follow through on it in each blog.  But mainly, I’ll think of some writing topic or not, and just start typing.

It was real scary for me to start this, as I imagine it is for others.  However, the site made it easy to begin and get signed up.  It seems very easy to navigate and I can change the looks of, the name of it, and add and delete what I want.  Very user friendly.  There are several blog sites out there and you just have to do research and decide which one will work for you.

Will I write every day?  Like the other day, I forgot, so not sure about every day, but I will try.  Especially now that I’m including a cliche or two in my Blog and you have to find it.  Remember the book I have has over 3,500 terms and expressions.  Should be fun for me and I hope interesting for you.

But mainly, this Blog is for me to write and keep writing.  If I can pass on some information to you or entertain you, so much the better.

When I’m not blogging, I’m working on my novels, reading and critiquing submissions from the internet workshop and will submit to them also, as well as attending my writing groups, playing tennis, walking and reading novels and enjoying living.

Until next time,

Keep on Writing and Enjoying Life!