I’m proofing my new book – Night Terror – right now! It will soon be ready to publish.

First, last post’s clichés:

All present and accounted for– Everyone or everything is all here. Originated in the military as a response to roll call. It’s kind of redundant since if one is present, one is also accounted for, but that’s the military for you. The British used “all present and correct”. Correct of course means “in order.” This version makes more sense, but it did not cross the Atlantic.

Making headway– To advance. This term changes the original meaning of “headway” which is the forward motion of a ship, to any kind of progress. Used by Augustus Jessopp in Arcady for Better or Worse in 1887.

All things considered– Refers to when everything has been taken into account. A careful weighting of all circumstances involved. G. K. Chesterton used it as the title of a collection of his essays in 1908 and it’s also the name of a thoughtful but long-winded talk show on US public radio. Both cases, it’s the idea of thoughtfulness that’s stressed. Been in ordinary speech for about a century.

Come to grief– To fall or to falter; experience a misfortune. Common in early 19th century. Thackeray used in The Newcomes, 1854.

Did you find them all?

At long last, I am almost ready to publish my first novel. The book cover is ready, the ebook cover is ready and now working on the bookmarks. My designer: Mary Ames Mitchell suggested that I do a postcard for my books marks. That way you can get 3 book marks on a 6×8 postcard and cut them. So you’re getting triple of what you order. She suggested I use this site: http://4by6.com/ rather than Vista Print. I’ll go with her expertise. The cost of printing bookmarks this way is next to nothing, and it can get your book out there to the public easier.

Mary also suggested that instead of having a generic header for my blog, I should change it. I’d already talked with my website designer: Blake Webster and informed him that I wanted to make some changes on my website when my book was finished, so he’s already up to speed on that one.

Branding is all about getting people to recognize a “look.” So on your website, you want to show off your book covers, etc. so that the public recognizes you.

Until next time, Keep writing,