First things first. How many clichés did you find?

Lay to rest- Settle something with finality or bury. Re bury= expression dates from late 19th century. Rest in the sense of death has been used since the 1400s. In regards to finality= earlier expressed as set at rest and dates from Shakespeare’s day.

Hit pay dirt- Find something very valuable; profit greatly. Term regards mining, literally = finding soil that contains gold, silver or other precious ore. Late 19th century transferred to other lucrative finds. Probably came from Gold Rush era in mid-19th century America.

Peace of mind- A sense of calm, freedom from worry. Idea of mental peace is much older, this expression dates from 1st half of 18th century. Alexander Pope, maybe originator, used in in a letter of 1737.

Selling like hot cakes- Being a great commercial success. Hot cakes is an American name for griddle cakes or pancakes since the late 17th century. William Penn used in 1683. Pancakes were a great church bazaar selling item or at fairs and other events and usually sold out as quickly as they were cooked. By mid-19th century, term used for any item selling very well. Just before the outbreak of the Civil War, O.J. Victor write in Souther Rebellion, 1860—“Revolvers and patent fire-arms are selling like hot cakes.”

Now, on to more about creating your business.

Have you ever gone to Well I suggest if you’re starting out a business, check it out. A friend and I were chewing the fat the other day and she showed me her new cards for her new book. Said she got them on VistaPrint.

So I went to the site and even though my book doesn’t have it’s cover ready yet-almost- I looked at their business cards, since I just created Writer Jaw Books business. I now have these wonderful new free business cards.    Writer Jaw Business Card     And it was no sweat getting them ready. I did have to pay shipping and handling and for 250 business cards, it cost me $6.93 and the back of the card is white with “Build your Business at” in very small letters.

When I get my cover design finished, I will go back to and get some cards made up for my book.

In the meantime, I’m not sure this will lead me from rags to riches, but it’s a start.

Keep writing, until next time,