I’m back. After a grueling working summer—not on my novels—I’m back to writing.

First—Last Clichès:

Full of Piss and Vinegar –Quite aggressive, very energetic. This is not a very nice cliché (piss refers to urine, used to be acceptable language, but no longer is) dates from mid-1900s. Mickey Spillane used it in Death Dealers (1966).

Finishing touches—The final stroke(s) that ensure perfection or completion. This is taken from painting (the last stroke of the artist’s brush) and was transferred to any creative effort, ranging from baking to sewing a costume. Dates from mid-18th century. Eric Partridge concluded it became a cliché within 100 years.

Get Cracking—Get busy, hurry up, begin. Originated in Great Britain in the 1930s, crossed the Atlantic during WWII. Crack=”more fast”-dating from the late 19th century. Often is put as an imperative.

So, how many did you find?

Well, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I contacted my new book designer Debora Lewis, www.arenapublishing.org. She’s created my new web banner, a facebook banner, my e-book cover, my POD front and back cover, and is working on my bookmarks. She also prepares the inside of your manuscript, getting ready to self-publish if you’d like her to. I highly recommend her, and if you don’t think she’s great, I’d eat my hat.

My editor, Ana Manwaring of JAM Manuscript Consulting is champing at the bit for me to get Vanity Killed published. She’s written me a glowing review and can’t wait to publish it on several media outlets.

Therefore, I’m busy proofing my manuscript and will go to CreateSpace and set up my new novel.

Until then, see you later, and

Keep Writing,