Since I’ve been ill, I postponed my cover design for my book. Couldn’t agree on what I wanted. Took a survey, and too many different ideas.

Last Clichès:

Ran amok—Go crazy; behave in a wild, frenzied manner. Based on the Malay word amok, meaning “a state of frenzy.” In England, it was at first spelled amuck, see Andrew Marvell’s account (The Rehearsal Transposed, 1672).

Get my act together—To get organized, behave effectively. This slangy expression, dating from about 1960, alludes to show business.

Get off my duff—To get moving, become active. The slangy idiom duff in the sense of buttocks, a usage dating from about 1840 and at that time considered impolite. No longer is, at least in America, and this cliché is a euphemism for still ruder synonyms.

Hope you found these in last post.

Since I was not full of piss and vinegar and haven’t even read a book or been able to do much, I stopped working on my book cover for Vanity Killed. Now that I’m starting to function again, I will proceed with it.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the novel, and now must get cracking on the cover. If any of you have any ideas, contact me. Would love to hear from you.

Keep Writing,