How many of you have a domain name?  How many have websites?  How many found it daunting to decide where, when, and how?

Last Cliches:

Powers that Be – those in authority. Believe it or not, this comes from the Bible: from Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (13:1)  all power comes from God.  In 1885 Pope Leo XIII used it again.  Today used more loosely.

Sigh of Relief – An expulsion of breath indicating that one is out of a tight spot; Whew! “sigh” comes from Middle English and Old English meaning to expel breath.  Began about 1700 and on.

Straight Face – Don’t burst out laughing; look serious.  Henry Miller used in 1953 (Plexus).

How did you do?

I’ve been researching Domain Names and websites.  Have you kept up with the Joneses?  I’m finding all of the different places to go daunting.  I asked a web designer and he suggested

I guess I’m just going to have to jump in with both feet and get to work on this if I really want to get my books out there.  Of course, they’re not published yet, but at least the domain name I want is available.  Might not be so when I’m published.

I guess I’m just going to have to let all things come to pass and get a domain name and website.  Of course this will happen after I get my second wind after researching a bit more and finally gaining the courage to go hog wild.

Until next time,

Keep Writing!