Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a good week of writing and fun.

First things first: last cliche: Worth Its Weight in Gold means extremely valuable; singularly useful. Roman playwright Plautus liked this metaphor, which also appeared in early 14th century. Later, Henry Medwall (A Goodly Interlude of Nature, c. 1500) became one of the first of thousands to use the phrase.

Now, on to Editing: How often do you edit? Do you edit as you write? Or are you one that writes the entire piece and then goes back to edit?

I try and write as much as I can. Then, when I get stuck, I go back and start editing. Editing and re-editing is not all cut and dried. I believe it’s up to each individual how they do it, but you must not get caught up in editing too much.

Needless to say, sometimes I get so stuck on my story that I start editing and re-editing the beginning, and I don’t finish the end. I have 3 novels completed and am editing and re-editing them, but I’m also working on two uncompleted novels that I’m “stuck” on and am editing and re-editing the beginning and NOT working on the “rest of the novel.”

How many of you get into that rut? I think it’s better to write, write and write and finish, then go back and edit and re-edit. What’s your opinion?

Until next time…
Keep Writing,