Well, I’m editing and re-editing my manuscripts.

Last cliches:

First and Foremost: Most notable, important.  Survived since 15th century when recorded in work by William Caxlar in a lecture.

Keep One’s Head above water: Avoid financial ruin or being overwhelmed by overwork.  Dates from early 18th cent. See John Bull by John Arbuthnot (1712)

Cut and Run: make a hasty departure.  Term comes from nautical practice of cutting a ship’s anchor cable to let it run iwth wind-for emergencies usually.    See Rigging and Seamanship (1794) and Dicken’s Great Expectations (1861)
If ones really wants to get published, it seems crystal clear that it is imperative to hire an editor to go through your book.  There are all kinds of editors and ones who work on different types of genres.

For what its worth, it’s up to the writer to find the editor that works best with their writing, and go for it.

I’m learning that the average is around $2.00/page for editing services and more, if more in depth.

So now I must do more research–not for my writing the book, but for selling it.  No longer can we rely on the publishing houses, especially if we want to self-publish or upload our manuscript on e-books, which seems to be the wave of the future.

I’ll keep you posted as to what more I find out.

Until next time, Keep Writing,