Hi all,

Back home from traveling and finally catching up to my own time zone. Then went to post and website needed upgrading. Took a long time, but it’s finally up and running, after a few minor tweeks.

But, first,

Last Clichés:

In a Heartbeat – Very quickly. This expression – “What could actually happen in the space of a single heartbeat?” – dates from the late 1800s.

In a Huff – Angry. To huff –in the late 1500s meant to blow out puffs of breath, to bluster in anger. See the nursery rhyme – The three Little Pigs, where the wolf threatened, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in” (J. Jacobs, English Fairy Tales, 1890. The noun usage with the current meaning of “angry” first recorded in 1599 and has been used ever since.

Neither here nor there- Unimportant, irrelevant. Dates from the 16th cent. See Arthur Golding’s translations of Calvin (1583). Also in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, Othello, and elsewhere.

Never say Die – Don’t ever give up. The analogy is obvious, the phrase dates from the mid-19th cent. Dickens used it in Pickwick Papers (1837). Numerous writers followed suit. 20th century used more ironically, but with the same meaning — keep on trying against all odds.

So, how many did you find?

As well as healing from my surgery, I’ve taken two 15-day cruises. One to South America and the other a transatlantic crossing to the Azores and up the coast ending in Denmark. There’s 9 hours difference from Copenhagen to Arizona, so it’s taken several days to get back to sleeping somewhat normal.

Brain for the first week was as clear as mud. But, I’m going to try and put my best foot forward and continue on with the blogs. I’ll still incorporate my clichés inside of them and try to pass on writing information of some sort. Before I could post, I had to update my site. Then found out had to ask my web designer for help as had to back everything up. He found out that it would not handle the updates so had to upgrade, then my SSL certificate disappeared and now, finally, it’s all good.

Blogging is not like shooting fish in a barrel. It takes time, patience, fortitude and perseverance. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I will give my lion’s share of talent to this project of blogging and writing on my fourth novel.

Hope you’re enjoying Birthmark Killer, my third book. And now I’m working on Death Awakens Me.

Until next time, Keep Writing!