Hello Everyone!  Missed Friday again, but I was away.

Cliches from June 7th:

Clean As A Whistle – Thoroughly or neatly done, pure, unsoiled.  William Carr wrote in The Dialect of Craven (1828) this phrase meaning “wholly” or “entirely”.  Also, W.S. Mayo in Kaloolah, 1849 in the guise of “Head taken off as clean as a whistle”.  Early 18th century used “clear as a whistle” and not sure why whistle, except maybe referring to the pure sound and changed it from pure to clear to clean?

Believe It or Not – Appearances to the contrary, it is true.  A common phrase by then, in December, 1918, became the title of a cartoon series originally drawn by Robert LeRoy Ripley (1893-1949).  Appeared in American newspapers for many years even after his death.  Each drawing represented an unbelievable, but allegedly true event, like a 2-headed chicken.

Have  A Nice Day – A Cordial good-bye to you.  Extremely common after 1950 among U.S. truckers who used it on their CB radios.  Britain said have a fine day or have a good day.  Chaucer used have good day (c 1200).  Often heard in America and sometimes known as Have A Good One. Since the 1960s these phrases often used ironically.


Where and When do you Find the Time to Write?  I just bought a new laptop computer and I went to the coast this weekend.  I actually got the computer out and critiqued some of the submissions for my on-line writing critique group.  Did I write on any of my stories?  No.

Home, sweet home is where I find myself now and hopefully I can get back into my routine.  I’ve been so busy trying to catch up on my critiquing and working on my new position with the Redwood Writers Branch of the California Writers Club that I have not been writing on my stories.

However, they are not out of sight, out of mind.  No, I know they are there and I think about them all the time.  I may not put pen to paper or actually type, but I do create scenes and dialogue in my head.  Is that an excuse for not writing?  Hopefully not, but I will get back into actually typing on my manuscripts.

So, all you people out there, stand up and be counted.  When do you find the time to write?   Do you make time, create in your head, or do you have a set schedule?  I write when I can, where I can, and on whatever is at hand.

Let me know how you find the time to Write.

Keep Writing and most of all Enjoy!