Well, first things first.
Last clichés:
let’s talk turkey – Get to the point, speak plainly.  This apocryphal tale is about a white man and an Indian hunting and then dividing the spoils.  Of course the white man said something like- either I’ll take the turkey and you the buzzard, or you take the buzzard and I the turkey; whereby the Indian replied, “Now talk turkey to me.”  Whatever the true origin, the term was around in 1840 when Thomas C Haliburton edited Traits of American Humor.

at this point – At a particular time. It began as journalistic from the simple word now. A 20th Century cliché. Another version came from sports by saying: at this stage of the game.

bed of roses – A great place, a pleasant situation. started with English poets. Today often used in negative sense.

give it your best shot – Try your hardest. Originally a military term, best shot in 16th century meant the soldiers who could most accurately shoot the enemy, according to William Safire. Mid-18th cent. shot meant attempt or try a term used in billiards and boxing. 20th century refers to politics.
How many did you get?

Are you out there blogging to your heart’s content? A word to the wise, hopefully you’re not doing it for an ego trip.  I’m writing here to vent my frustrations, to impart what little knowledge of writing I have, and to express myself.  Do I want others to read it? Of course.  One way you might create readers is to create a “subscribe to your blog” widget on your website.  Supposedly through wordpress that was going to be easy.  All I had to do was to on my left sidebar to appearance to widget and drag the “follow blog” widget over to the right sidebar.  However, there was no widget for me on my site.  Thankfully I have Blake Webster from Media Design Services, Inc. at mediadesignservices.com. He installed my widget for me.

Now I can have people who are interested in my blog, signup and receive an email whenever I post a new blog story.

How many of you are doing that for your blog?  I’m probably one of the last ones to do it.
Keep Writing,