I’ve decided to start a blog.  What will this blog be about?  I’m a writer, so I write.  I’ll write about writing, sites that are of interest, books, clubs, etc.

I belong to the Redwood Writers branch of the California Writers Club.  Yesterday I attended the meeting in Santa Rosa, California at the Flamingo Hotel in the Courtyard Room.  The meetings are from 3-5 p.m.  The first hour is Redwood Writers announcements and business.  The second hour is a guest speaker.  Yesterday  Hal Zina Bennett who is the author of more than 30 successful books was our guest speaker.  His newest book, Write Starts: Prompts, Quotes & Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity will be released by New World Library in 2010.  He was very informative and after the session, signed some of his works.

Writers need to be a part of a writing community.  Joining this club was important to me as I’ve been away from the “writing community” for awhile. I lived in Baja Sur Califiornia, Mexico for the last 25 winters and have only had contact via internet.  Before that, I belonged to the Idaho Writers Group and by joining clubs, find it helpful, informative and inspiring.

I find I write more, when I belong to groups that can help get you motivated and critique.

Besides the Redwood Writers, I also belong to Sisters in Crime  and Mystery Writers of America.

So what groups do you belong too?