It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’m going to let it all hang out and let you know that I haven’t written here because I’ve been too busy helping take care of others when they were ill. No excuse, but that’s the sign of the times, taking care of loved ones as they grow older.

First things first: Clichés from last time:

Pleased as Punch- which means delighted. If you’re as old as me, then you’ll remember Punch-and-Judy show from the past. The character Punch was always greatly satisfied with the success of his evil deeds. By the mid-19th century, the simile was in common use for any kind of extreme satisfaction. See Dickens, Hard Times (1854)

Pan Out- To succeed. This terms refers to the pan used in gold prospecting -washing the gold from the pan in streams. What was left in the pan was the ore. In late 19th century, the terms was used to other kinds of success. See Bret Harte, Drift from Two Shores (1879)

Make their hair stand on end – To Terrify. The Book of Job (4:14-15) states: “Fear came upon me… and the hair of my flesh stood up.”  This refers to goose bumps caused by fear (or cold) on your flesh and the hair around them stands up. Centuries later this is now called hair-raising, a synonym for terrifying.

How many did you get?

So how many of you use Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, or other similar sites? I know the road to hell is paved with good intentions-which I have vowed to use these social media outlets. However, I’m finding some of them difficult to do. Maybe I’m just too old to figure some of them out. Or it might be that I don’t take the time.

I barely have time to write on this blog! It’s possible I just need more time.  I know Social Media is very important, especially if you have  a book out. Night Terror is out and doing okay.  I’ve sold some ebooks, some POD books, and have sold the ones I’ve had sent to me to sell.  However, I’m sure I’d do a lot better if I could figure out how to use Social Media more.

Guess I’d like to pick your brains to figure out how to use these places. Have you been successful with them? Maybe with a little work, I can figure this out. I think it’s very important, so will give it a try again.

Keep Writing,