Good morning everyone!  I had a friend ask me to explain Facebook to her.  Ha! Someone has to explain it to me first!

Speaking of first, lets get the cliches out of the way.

My finger itches to: one is extremely eager to do something. First used by John Stubbs in 1579 The Discoverie of a Gaping Gulf and Shakespeare used in 1601, 2:3 from The Merry Wives of Windsor. Later used in 1853 by Charles Kingsley in Hypatia.

I couldn’t care less: it doesn’t matter one bit. This describes a total indifference. Originated in Great Britain, late 1930s, popular in 1940s, expressing bored indifference, but during WWII, bravado. In 1960s term changed by an American to “I could care less.”

month of Sundays: a very long time. dates from early 19th Cent. probably never meant literally which is a period of 30 Sundays.  First appeared in print in Frederick Marryat’s Newton Forster (1832) and a cliche by time Ogden Nash used in in 1935.

So let me know how many cliches you found?

Social Media includes Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  I signed up for Facebook as my personal place before I used it for a “Page.” Took a workshop and signed up with Twitter and LinkedIn, but really don’t use them right now. Lots think Facebook is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Is it that hard to use? No, it was easy to sign up personally and I invited my friends from my emails and I upload my pictures and see what friends are doing. However, now that I want to use it for my books, etc., I signed up with a “Fan Page”. I use it as Julie A. Winrich, Writer.  This page is separate from my personal page.  When people go to my writer page, they do not have access to my personal page, although as Admin., I do. How did I set it up?

I used Frances Caballo and she helped me set up my fan page. I also have her book Social Media Just for Writers. I recommend this book to any writer who wants to know more about not only Facebook, but the other social medias.

Writers can’t afford to sit in their ivory tower and write their books, thinking they’ll magically get noticed.  We need to get out their and promote our work.  Using social media is one way.  Asking the help of others is another.

So if you want to go the whole nine yards with your book or books, I suggest you seek out help if needed and start using the social medias that are out there.  And if you don’t know how, (like me), ask professionals for their assistance and/or read about them, take classes. As soon as I finish Social Media Just for Writers, and fully understand Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ll start using them more.  For now I’m using my Facebook fan page. And when I write on it, it automatically goes into my personal profile page also.

Keep Writing!