There should be no excuses for not writing.

But, first comes first–

Last Clichès:

Pave the Way- To lead up to; prepare for something. Metaphor dating from before 1585 for smoothing one’s course–Paving a road makes it easier to traverse. Also see James Hogg’s Tales and Skethces (c. 1817).

Kill two birds with one stone- To achieve two goals with one effort. The idea dates from Roman times, the exact expression, (unlikely not a real reality) dates from about 1600. See Thomas Hobbes (Liberty, 1656). A more feasible operation is to kill two flies with one flap (John Ray, Proverbs, 1678), but this term did not catch on.

Heart of Gold- A very kind person. This dates from the 16th Century. It was well known by the time Shakespeare wrote Henry V (1599), where Pistol describes his master. See 4:1.

At a loss (to be) – Puzzled or unable to come to a decision. See Lacon, Part 2, no. 116 from Charles Colton (c 1780-1832). Also be at a loss for something, like at a loss for words, which means that one cannot speak, think of anything to say.

How many clichés did you find?

Well, I need to get my teeth into this blogging. Life keeps getting in my way and I keep making excuses. Can’t get a following if you don’t blog at least once a week. I really don’t want this blog to be a hit or miss thing.

I want to thank those who are following me and hope you will stick with me. I won’t say that the last few months have been hectic because that would be an insult to all writers. All of us have hectic lives. So I’ll just say I will try to do better.

I try to give wisdom on writing here and pass on interesting tidbits that I’ve learned from my experiences. Trouble is, some of that learning has nothing to do with writing, but I want to keep this blog all about writing/publishing. So I may not write on the dot, but I will keep blogging about my experiences with writing.

This one is about the lack of writing, due to life experiences. I moved and have been very busy selling, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and getting new house organized. I’ve been so tired, I can’t see beyond the end of my nose. However, now I have my new computer desk and all is sold and unpacked—all above done in two weeks!

So here I am again, on an even keel. I will try and write on this blog every week about my experiences with writing/publishing and include clichés for you all to find and then following week, explain those clichés and use new ones.

Keep Writing,