Can’t believe how Life can get in the way of your blogging!  It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted.  I’ve been fishing, sick, to a 40th class reunion, and sick.  Can’t seem to shake the cold I caught!

Well enough about me- let’s get to those long overdue cliches:

To be in a Blue Funk–In Sad or Dejected mood.  May come from the Walloon in de funk zum = “to be in smoke”-not verified though.  Eric Patridge thought funk came from fonck (Flemish) = “perturbation” or “disturbance,” in early 18th cent. meant to be very nervous or terrified.  However, somehow it got changed, maybe due to the addition of blue, with colloquial meaning of “sad.”

To be Blue in the Face–Made a great effort.  Literal lack of oxygen, one has talked until one is breathless.  Extended to other efforts, i.e. tired to open the can until I was blue in the face.  Current in mid-19th Cent.-Anthony Trollope wrote, “You may talk…..both blue in face. (The Small House at Allington, 1864.

Between You and Me and the Pedpost–In strictest confidence. This elaboration of just between you and me often followed by gossip about someone else.  Bedpost version dates early 19th Cent. used by Edwart Bulwer-Lytton (Eugene Aram, 1832; Dickens and others used it.  Lamppost version much older and not used much.

What have you been writing this month?  I’ve been doing more technical writing and working with my Redwood Writers group on their website and Policy and Procedure Manual, all to the good of course.

You think I got off the beaten track?  Probably, but I am working on my novels a little bit.  Caught up with my critiques on-line and now if I can get rid of this cold, I can batten down the hatches and proceed with full steam ahead! on my novel writing.

I know, I’ve said that before under procrastination, etc.  Well, this time, let’s hope it all works out.

Until next time,