Well, I want to thank those of you who are following me and to apologize for not blogging once a week. Hopefully I can get back on track, now that the holidays are over and …

First, last Clichés:

Piece of the action- a share -usually financial. From 60s on, it was meant with other actions. See Emma Lathen’s mystery Murder Without Icing (1972).

Cut to the chase-Get to the point or get on with it. This comes from the film industry also in 20s – edit “cut” to get the exciting chase sequence-which was important in early movies. Later became more general.

On a roll-enjoying a series of runs of good luck or successes. This alludes to the rolling of dice dates from second half of the 1900s. Brian Fremantle used it in Dead Men Living (2000).

Play the game-To behave favorably and honorably; and to go along with a particular set of rules. First meaning applied during Chaucer’s time. Wide use began in late 19th Century. Rudyard Kipling The Maltese Cat (1898). Became obsolete in America, but another version of the term appears in the poem “Alumnus Football” by American sportswriter Grandland Rice (1880-1954) which gave rise to a different cliché: “For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks–not that you won or lost–but how you played the game.” This play games or playing games means to act evasively or deceitfully as in:”Her ex-husband is playing games about child-support payment.”

Ins and outs – Is used this back in Jan., 2011, but used again – means all the intricacies or ramifications of a situation. originally referred to those in favor and out especially in political office.

How many did you find?

Today I’m going to do helpful links day. Thought I’d pave the way to help others. I belong to Redwood Writers a branch of the California Writers Club. Without them, I probably would never have had the courage to publish my book, Night Terror.Their motto is: “Writers helping writers.”  http://redwoodwriters.org/ Check them out.

My web pages are the result of a great guy named Blake Webster from Media Design Services http://www.mediadesignservices.com/   http://www.blakewebster.com/  and You can kill two birds with one stone by checking his book out on how to use CreateSpace. If you need help with web design, he’s there and does a great job. Check him out.

My novel Night Terror was edited by various critique groups and mainly by Ana Manwaring from JAM Manuscript Editorial Services. She does similar writing and is also an excellent teacher. Check her out at: http://jameditorial.com/ or http://www.anamanwaring.com/

My cover designer for my book Night Terror was done by Mary Ames Mitchell, Mitchell Design. She has a heart of gold and is easy to work with, not to mention great ideas for book designs and also helped with the interior set up. Check her site out at: http://maryamesmitchell.com/

Now, how do you sell your book with out Social Media?  Well if you’re at a loss you must check out Frances Caballo. She has two great books out that will help, and is my guru for social media. http://francescaballo.com/

Other links: Research the internet for what you need and check out blogs and decide what will help you with your work.  I also have links on my site to help you.

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