Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve been here!  For that matter, it’s been way too long since I’ve written anything!

Last Cliches:

Ins & Outs: All the intricacies or ramifications of a situation.  Term originally referred to those in favor and those out of it, and then to those in or out of political office.  Thomas Jefferson (Writings, c. 1814) referred to “two parties, the Ins and the Outs.”  19th century term came to mean intricacies, referring to the windings and turnings of a complicated path or passage.  See Thomas Hood’s poem “Laying Down the Law,” 1845.

Get Real: Be realistic, see things as they are.  Slangy imperative dates from second half of 20th century.  Often used to disabuse someone of a mistaken or fanciful notion.  ie. “Win a new car by filling out those forms?  Get Real!”

Down the Road: In the future, as in “He’d love to buy another house, but that’s down the road a ways.”  Dates from second half of 1900s.


Better late than never, here I am back at my blog.  After my cruise, which took me away from writing, I found a new lease on life, but I had to catch up on my mail, my writing groups, etc.  After getting caught up with having been away for about three weeks, there was a death in the family, and then another.  That cast a pall upon my writing.  Both of the deaths were a blessing for the families, ended long-time suffering, but they still prevented me from writing because I had to fulfill certain duties.

However, other than torrents of rain outside, there should be nothing stopping me from writing, right?

It’s amazing how sometimes life can get in the way of art.  Even though that sentence is a cliche, it’s not in my cliche book.  Anyway, I pray that I will not throw in the towel, and write, write, write! from now on no matter what comes along.

What get’s in the way of your writing?  Until next week, …

Keep Writing,