Hello Everyone!

I know I’ve used the cliche time flies…but it does!  I’ve been so busy with Redwood Writers Membership, that it’s already time to write on my blog and I haven’t even written on my own stories this week!  Still have been thinking about them, though.

Last Cliches:

Home, Sweet Home — Sentimental or ironic view of home as a wonderful place.  Term=Title of a Song composed by Henry R. Bishop, with words by American lyricist John Howard Payne, used in the oepra Clari or The Maid of Milan (1823).  Song became sacred text for middle-class Victorians, and fame far beyond the opera or composer.  Jenn Lind sang it in all her concerts all over the world from 1850 on.  Most famous performer was Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba, audience chanted it for her to perform more.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind — What is absent is soon forgotten.  Phrase proverbial since Homer’s time.  Greek poet used it in Odyssey (c. 50 B.C.) ; earliest English appearance-1501 translation of Thomas a Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ.  Out of Sight=a 20th cent. slang, meaning “Wonderful!” probably will be a cliche.

Stand Up and Be Counted — Show your true opinion, even if it takes courage to do so.  Americanism refers to counting votes, dates from turn of 20th cent.; used with reference in showing where your political sympathies lie.  From mid-20th Cent. used more boradly for revealing any kind of conviction.  Michael Innes used it in Appleby’s Answer (1973).

Did you find the cliches last time?  Let me know.

Well, if I don’t find time to write soon I’ll probably go stark raving mad.  Writing on my stories keeps me sane and feeling good.  So what’s keeping me from writing?  Nothing, my own fault.

Of course, telling you this might fall on deaf ears because why should you care.  Redwood Writers’ motto is “writers helping writers.”  So I’m assuming most of you who read this are writers and you should care because we should care about each other.  I’m not exactly in a writing slump, but I think I’m using the excuse of “working” so I don’t have to “write”.  So maybe I am in a bit of a slump.  Not sure where my story is going and using this as an excuse.

One good thing about working on my club stuff is that we have a web page and I’m responsible for part of it.  And, good thing is that it is in wordpress.  So by learning how to do my “job” on the web, I’m learning how to work on my blog more.  So, I guess, every cloud has a silver lining.  By working on Redwood Writers I’m learning more about doing my blog.

Until next time,  I’ll Find The Time To Write, and you too!