Hope your new year is going well. Haven’t been on for a while, so will explain below. But first,…

Last Clichés:

Bound and Determined–Firmly resolved. This is a redundant phrase because both participles mean “fixed” or “resolute.” However they do serve for emphasis. Not sure how far back they go.

Bent out of Shape–Agitated, angry, quite upset.  This refers to a loss of temper or composure dates from the 1960s. Earlier, this phrase referred to “intoxicated,” and also for “unwell.” Sometimes, it still is. But primarily refers to anger.

Live and Learn–“Experience is a great teacher.” This started in the 16th century by George Gascoigne in his play Glass of Government and has been repeated many times since, in numerous languages. James Howell’s English Proverbs (1659) expanded it a bit: “One may live and learn, and be hanged and forget all.”

Get in a Pickle–In trouble; in a bad situation. This sounds very up to date, but it dates from Shakespeare’s time. “How camest thou in this pickle?” said Alonso to his fellow-conspirator (The Tempest, 5:1). Been used ever since.

So, how many did you find?

In a heartbeat, I’d like to refresh those who read this blog that I incorporate clichés into my blog post and next time tell you what they were and their meanings.

I hope none of you are in a huff because I haven’t written for a while. I had rotator cuff surgery Dec. 17th and have been recovering from that. Evidently, it is one of the hardest surgeries to recover from since all the muscles from neck to fingers are involved. It’s amazing how much you use your shoulder muscles for. My surgery is neither here nor there for writing this blog.

I probably won’t be writing here for a couple of months more, but I will never say die. I will continue when totally able and I do have some writing information to pass on.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy my new book, Birthmark Killer,  website, and will blog when I’m able.

Keep Writing!