Hi everyone! Can’t believe a week has passed already. Time flies when you’re having fun!

First things First–last week’s Cliches:
There You Go – has multiple meanings: you’re right, you’ve done well, asked for, answer, etc. Dates from first half of 1800s. A different meaning when Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again” in a debate with Jimmy Carter during 1980 campaign and meant: “You’re wrong again.” This usage meaning, repeatedly says something wrong or misleading, remains current.

Get a Handle on it – Succeed in dealing with a difficult problem. From mid-20th century, this slangy Americanism -coping with a cumbersome object by attaching a handle to it. “Handle” used both figuratively and literally in several ways for many years.

Back to the Drawing Board – or back to square one — start again from the beginning, because failed or reached a dead end. Term probably came from a game i.e. snakes and ladders or hopscotch. Adopted in 1930s by British sportscasters when printed radio programs would include a numbered grid of a soccer field to help listeners follow the game broadcasts.

Well, did you work on queries last week?
I signed up for an agents day in June through my Redwood Writer’s where we’ll meet different agents and be able to pitch our story to them. So, I took a look at my old queries and tried writing a few pitches. Every little bit helps I suppose in working toward the end result.

So what are pitches? Two to three sentences that grab the agents interest and want him/her to read your book. I’m going to a “pitch session” on Sunday, so next week I’ll tell you more about them.

After looking at my queries, I think they work, but will put them on-line for my critique group to read and see what they think.

Keep Writing until next time,