Hello Everyone!  I’m back from my hiatus.  Let’s hope anyway.  Think I’m finally caught up on my writing group membership work. Now I can get back to Writing! I Hope!!!!

First things first, let’s look at the last cliches:

Go Like the Wind– or run like the wind = Very swiftly.  “Swifter than the wind” appears back in Roman times with poet Vergil’s Aeneid and numerous later writers use it.  Another older expression appears twice in the Book of Psalms and was repeated by many writers, but is no longer heard is “on the wings of the wind.”

Go the Extra Mile = Make a special effort to accomplish something, going beyond the normal.  20th Cent. expression-used to trying to get someone to do a greater effort, i.e. The coach wants you to go the extra mile in this game.  In 1957 uses many of like cliches-see “All We Ask Is Kindness,” by Joyce Grenfell.

Onward and upward = Striving to advance and improve.  Mid-19th Century rallying cry used by others and Frances Anne Kemble (1809-93) in her Lines addressed to the Young Gentlemen leaving the Lenox Academy, Massachusetts: “Fail not…”  Today used ironically by the New Yorker magazine, title for comments: “Onward and Upward with the Arts.”

I won’t give you my sob story and why I haven’t been writing.

Procrastination–that’s what it all boils down to!  Webster defines procrastinate as to defer action; delay; or to put off till another day or time.

I believe that’s what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been working very hard on my membership for Redwood Writers and doing everything but writing.  I’ve managed to critique a few things on my on-line critique group.  I even read part of a chapter to my Lower Lake Critique Group!

But have I written?  No!!!  And that makes me feel awful.  When I don’t write, my soul cries.  I need to write to make me feel better.

Let me lay it on the line for you.  Writers’ Write!  If we don’t, we get cranky, out of whack, and for me, my soul and body does not work well.

Do I have writers’ block?  No, I’m just procrastinating because I’m not sure where I’m going with my stories I’ve been writing.  I just need to sit down and write!  Without writing, I feel empty inside.

What will I do about it?  Only thing I can.  Write, write, and write some more.

Procrastination can consume us all at times.  No matter what we are procrastinating about, best way to get out of that mode is to do whatever it is you are procrastinating about.  For me, it’s writing.  So, I’m sitting here writing on this blog.  Then I’ll write on my novels, etc.

So all of you out there who are procrastinating about something.  Get up and do it!  Enjoy the process and have fun.

Keep Writing,