Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. But, first things first.

Last Clichés:

To Take to One’s Heels—To flee. This does not refer to running on your heels. Can’t run fast that way. But, the heels are what you see of a person who turns tail and runs. See Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1 (2:4). John Ray used in his 1678 proverb collection, but in the 19th century used with Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson, among others as clean pair of heels not fair pair of heels. This current version dates from the 19th century. Henry Thomas Riley (1816-78) used it in his translation of Terence’s play Eunuchus.

On the Beam—On course or on the right track. Originated about the mid-20th century when aircraft began to be directed by radio beams. Of course the opposite would be off the beam = wring or incorrect meaning. Both expressions used in other enterprises.

Change your Tune—to change one’s mind, switch sides in a controversy, to reverse your views. This is very old. John Gower wrote it in 1394 (paraphrase=now sing another song). Actual phrase used in a ballad about Robin Hood (one of the child ballads) from about 1600. Also Samuel Beckett used in his novel, The Unnameable (1953) “…faults, but changing my tune is not one of them.”

So, how many did you find? For those of you who are unfamiliar with my Blogs, I always use come clichés and the next time, tell you where they originated from.

Of course my best-laid plans are always to write on this blog once a week. But, as you can see, the last blog was in December, 2015.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and I don’t write on this blog. However, I do write! And that is what is important.

There’s no unwritten law that I must write here every week. To keep readers up, I should though. Not only should you write everyday on your novels, short stories, etc, but you should blog at minimum once a month. I don’t want to be low man on the totem pole in my writing. I want to attract readers and to do that I should write often where they can see my writing.

Unfortunately, I think about writing on this blog once a week, and even have my alert on the phone set to remind me to do it.  But sometimes, it just doesn’t get done. Every year a vow to be better. But I am human, and I do make mistakes. I try to keep you posted as to what is happening in writing and with my writing.

I’ve gone to an author showcase where I read from my new book Vanity Killed in front of 97 others. It was an awesome luncheon and experience. I also did a meet and greet the author at our local library.

I will try and keep the ball rolling by writing once a week, but I will make no promises.

For now, Keep Writing and I will try not to procrastinate!