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Cliche from last post:  That Does It =that accomplishes or completes it.  Used to be that does the trick and it replaces does the trick.  Don’t have a first date used for this one.

How much do you research for your writing?  I write mysteries and I do a lot of research.  I interview experts, read as much as I can, and talk with people who might be in the field.

For example on my arson novel, I interviewed two arson investigators, spoke with firemen, talked with nurses, watched videos and read books on arson fires and arsonists.

The book has to ring true no matter what you’re writing on and if you can’t manage believability, then you’ve lost your reader.

So no matter what you write about, you must do some sort of research.  Reach out and touch an expert.  Talk with someone in the field, read about it or watch films about it and not just fictional films, but documentaries or teaching films.  Your story will ring true and you’ll keep the reader’s interest.

For example, in my working novel, Birthmark, a shark eats a body and when it’s gutted, pieces come out with a birthmark still on it.  Is that possible?  Well, yes I know it is, because I contacted a forensic expert and got the answer.

The internet is filled with good answers.  Writer’s Digest is filled with good books with good answers not only on writing, but books that tell you how to write mysteries and other genres, besides having lots of poison books, who dunnit books, and all of this turns out to be worth its weight in gold.

Research to make your story come alive with the ring of truth and believability.

Check out my links for some experts.

Keep Writing and Enjoy!