Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are writing every day.

Last Clichés:

Going to Town– To do something with much enthusiasm and/or do something successfully. This is a 19th century Americanism. Probably refers to the special treat of a trip to town for rural people. A character in Erle Stanley Gardner’s The Case of the Silent Partner, said, “Chocolate creams are one of the things I am fondest of. I was feeling low and I went to town.” This indicates he had eaten a lot of them.

Bottom Line– The most important element; ultimate result. This refers to an accounting term where the bottom line of a financial statement shows the earnings figures. In mid-20th century, this phrase started to mean the outcome of any kind of undertaking, soon after, it extended to mean the root of any problem or the consequences of any issue.

So, how many did you find?

Self-Publishing my new book Birthmark Killer–I’m bound and determined to have it published so you can buy for Christmas presents. It’s taking longer than planned due to some technical issues.

For this book, I not only hired my cover designer Debora K. Lewis, but I also hired her to do the formatting of the interior of for the POD and e-books. I tried formatting my two previous e-books into a Smashword format, and found out I could not get them correct, so before getting bent out of shape, I hired Debora Lewis to format them and my new book, Birthmark Killer.

It’s never too late to live and learn. I realized writing my novel is what I’m good at. Hiring a professional to format and design will keep me so I won’t get in a pickle.

Birthmark Killer will be published as soon as I get the second proof to make sure it looks good. Then it will be out in Amazon POD, KDP e-book and distributed through Smashwords, and available locally through me.

And, I hope to have my new website redesigned, too!

In the meantime,

Keep Writing!