Well, can’t believe how much time as passed since last here.  When you keep busy, it just flies…

Last Cliches:

Crystal clear- Transparently obvious. This dates back (clear as crystal) from Biblical times in Book of Revelations …clear as crystal (21:11).  Term appealed to medieval poets and is in their ballads.   When Dickens in Edwin Drood,(1870) and Arthur Conan Doyle in The Resident Patient (1893) used it, it was already a cliche.

For what it’s worth – For whatever value or merit it has to you.  Normally this expression precedes the opinions of a controversial topic, implying doesn’t think much of it.  see Frank Harris’s autobiography (My Life and Loves (1922), long banned in America and England.

Go for it – Try your hardest and aim to win.  Originated in college sports 2nd half of 20th century and used in all kinds of things.  Pres. Reagan used in mid 80s exhorting Congress to pass tax reform.


Well, it’s renewal time for my writing group and since I’m membership chair, I’m rather busy.  Not that that should be an excuse for not blogging, but as they say: this, too, shall pass.  Seems like everytime I say I’ll blog once a week, a month goes by and …

Well, I might have a fighting chance this time if I put it on the calendar. I have an i-phone and it beeps when there’s an event.  Maybe I should schedule it on a regular basis on my phone and it would remind me to blog!  Sooner or later, I’m going to get the hang of this blogging.  Am I running out of things to discuss?  No, not really.  I just need to make it a part of my writing.

Writing?  Oh yeah, I remember what this is.  I write novels.  You put sentences on paper, which turn into paragraphs, which turn in to chapters, and eventually into a story length novel.  Yes, something I haven’t been doing lately with my critique groups keeping me busy and my writing group.  No, I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.  I love doing what I’m doing.  Membership Chair and now Treasurer is something I enjoy doing.  I just need to make sure I write as well.

So, writing here is a start.  Now I’ll pull up my novels and see what I can write there.

Until next time, hopefully next week,

Keep Writing!