Well, hard to believe it’s April 18th already.  So much for writing on this blog every week.  Time flies is a cliche and I used it back in May, 2010, so it won’t count as one this time.  Hard to believe almost a year has gone by since I used it.  Actually, I started using the cliches in my blog on March 26, 2010, so a year has come and gone.

For those who are new, I try and pass on writer’s tips or off the cuff insights, something on writing, and throughout my writing I put in cliches.  The next writing, I inform you of the cliches used and their meaning and when used.

Last cliches:

All Ears — Pay close attention to what is said.  Might have originated in John Milton’s Comus (1634).  And has been used again and again to present.

Do One’s Heart Good — Cheer or be cheered up, make someone feel good, to gratify.  Been a cliche since 19th century, known in 16th cent. and used by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1:2)

Last but Not Least — Last in a sequence by not the least in importance.  Dates from 16th century, used by John Lyly in (Euphues and His England, 1580).  Also used by Shakespeare in King Lear and Julius Caesar)

Raring to Go — Very eager to get started.  American locution of late 19th cent. uses raring for rearing, verb used for a lively horse when it stands on its hind legs and is clearly eager to get moving.

So, how many are you finding each time?  Hope you’re enjoying finding the cliches. Don’t take umbrage if you can’t find them all.  Sometimes I’ll write something, look back and find it was a cliche.  There are so many.

I’m going to think positive and try and blog once a week, but keep the faith until next time,

Keep Writing,