When you’re constantly on the go, when do you find time to write?

First things first- last clichés:

To Run around in circlesTo proceed aimlessly or indecisively; an endeavor which is fruitless. An American colloquialism – 20th Century. Patricia Wentworth used it in (Pursuit of a Parcel, 1942)

To be Unable to Make heads or tails of something – Means to fail to understand something. This term was used to denote total confusion by Cicero (Nec caput nec pedes, means “neither head nor feet”). It’s not known whether it refers to beginning or end, top or bottom, or two sides of a coin. However it has been used ever since as neither head nor tail of something, in England from the 17th Century to present.

A Man of Few Words – A person who speaks little but to the point;or a person of action rather than words. Traces back to Old Testament (“Let thy words be few,” Ecclesiastes 5:2). However it is even older than that. See Homer’s Iliad. Also John Ray’s 1678 proverb collection.

Mark my Words – Listen to me because you’ll see I’m right in the end. Term is found in the Bible – Cloverdale translation (1535), Book of Isaiah, 28:23) and has been used as an admonishment ever since.

So how many did you find?

Well, even though I don’t feel like I’m a man of the world, especially since I’m a woman, I’ve been traveling a lot. My intention to blog every week went to hell in a handbasket. Even though I was going to write a few blogs up front and be prepared to send them in each week, it did not happen.

It seems I write in fits and starts when I’m traveling. Hopefully, it’s just when I’m on the run. Do you make time for writing when you’re traveling? I obviously have to make a schedule. I have my alert on my phone set for 8 a.m. every Wednesday to write on this blog. Unfortunately, I seem to fall short of that goal. I keep promising that I will faithfully write once a week. It’s been a little over a month since my last blogging here.

However, I have been editing my second book and will send it to my editor soon. I’m settled in for a couple of months, however I will not make any promises this time. Writing while traveling is challenging, but I’m sure it can be done. Maybe not by me, but it is manageable. I even have an Ap on my i-pad to write in my own hand so I can do it anywhere. Now all I have to do is use it!

Well, until next time,

Keep Writing,