I’m in the process of publishing my next novel Vanity Killed.

But first, last week’s clichés:

Get back into the swing of things—To take a very lively part in, To become active. This is a 19th century change for the phrase in full swing (which means already very active in something). In full swing dates from 16th century.

Eat my Hat—To declare readiness to consume headgear if a statement should prove false, an event should not occur, etc. Of course it’s presumably remote that you would not eat your hat, and the analogy that the event would not occur, etc. would prove false. This appeared in Dickens’ Pickwick Papers (1836).

Champing at the bit—To be eager to get going, to express impatience at delay. To champ= bite, chew, or grind upon since 16th century,–precise origin is uncertain. Comparing the cliché to a racehorse chewing on the bit at the start of a race—anxious to be off. This term still used literally in 19th century. Washington Iriving, 1820, Sketch Book. Used figuratively in 1900s.

See You Later—Goodbye. Loose phrase (might not intend to see a person in future) dates from the latter part of the 19th century and has been widely adopted as farewell. Children popularized it in rhymes – See you later alligator, and went into a song by R. C. Guidry in 1956 in film in Rock around the Clock.

How many clichés did you find?

CreateSpace has templates you can download to copy your manuscript into for your book. They have one for every size book you can think of. And if you are blissfully ignorant they give you detailed step-by-step instructions. CreateSpace will guide you from stem to stern in the process of creating your book from cover to cover.

You need to decide what font you want to use, what size font you want, what size book you want, and make sure your manuscript is complete. Not just your story, but the typing, unless you want to hire someone to convert the interior for you, which my book designer, Debora Lewis at arenapublishing.org does, too.

However, if you want to create the interior yourself, take a leaf out of my book, and follow my blog and I’ll let you know exactly what I did to do my interior for CreateSpace. Go to CreateSpace and they have detailed guides to creating your book you can read up on

Next week, I’ll give you the details on what I did to create my interior.

Until next time,

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