Do you have time to kill?  Boy, I sure don’t.  I missed writing here for a week.  One minute I typed, then the next, I realized it was almost Friday again and I hadn’t written on my blog.  Where does the time go?

First things first…

Last Cliches:

On the Ball–Efficient and/or effective.  An American colloquialism probably came from baseball where pitcher puts spin or speed on the ball -strike out more batters.  Changed to mean any kind of competence by 1912 in article in Collier’s said: “He’s got nothing on the ball.”

Work One’s Tail Off–Work very hard.  Dates from first half of the 20th century  James Farrell used it in Studs Lonigan (1932-35). Also is used as to work ones’ butt off.

You Can’t Win ’em All–Impossible to succeed in every undertaking.  20th Cent. Americanism dates a little before win some, lose some, originating about 1940.  Used in Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye (1954).  Shorter —you can’t win is spoken out of frustration with defeat -used earlier about 1910.

Yours Truly–I, me, myself.  Phrase used as a closing for letters since late 18th century.  By mid-19th century used as a synonym for “I,” –see George A. Sala’s The Baddington Peerage (1860): “The verdict will be ‘Guilty, my Lord,’ against yours truly.”

How many cliches did you find?

Ok, back to the idea of weekly blogging.  How many of you actually blog on a schedule?  Once a day? Once a week?  Once a month?  What’s your schedule or do you have one.  Maybe it’s time to throw down the gauntlet and say I will blog once a week rather than on a certain day?  I can’t seem to get to this site every Friday as I had hoped.  Maybe Friday is a bad day for me, but the week seems to go faster and faster as I age.  Ok, we won’t discuss that, but it does.

I enjoy writing on my blog, passing on the cliches and writing thoughts.  So why is it so hard to do it every week?  Do you have difficulties?  What are your solutions?  I suppose anything will become a habit eventually, but instead of saying I’ll write every Friday, I’ll narrow it down.  I admire those who write every day or on a set schedule.  I don’t write my stories on a set schedule either.  I mean I write every morning on something, but maybe not on my stories.

Lately I’ve been busy writing on the Policy and Procedure Manual for Redwood Writers.  Technical writing, which I’ve enjoyed.  Thankfully, it’s almost over and I can get back to my novel writing.  Of course, maybe I used the manual writing as an excuse not to write on my novels, but that subject is for another blog.

Since I blow hot and cold on this Friday day, I will definitely say once a week for my blogging.  I will try writing on Friday, but if it’s not that day, I won’t beat myself up over it.  So let me know how you all manage your blogging time.  What tidbits can you pass on?

Until next time….Keep Writing and I will too, to help my readers solve puzzles and enjoy sleuthing!