Been too long since I’ve written here.  All good intentions, but everything went haywire.

Past Cliches:

This, too, shall pass-troubles are temporary.  Be patient and things will work out.  Used in the biblical Apocrypha (c. 100 BC)  in a serious way about human nature.  Used later  in philosophical writings.  Currently used lighthearted.

A fighting chance – Possibility of success thru great effort.  Americanism from late 19th century.  Used in variety of contexts.

Sooner or later – At some future time.  Eventually.  Dates from 16th century.  Joseph Addison used in The Spectator in 1712.

Bite off more than one can chew – To take on more than one can accomplish.  Be too greedy; too ambitious.    Date from Middle Ages.  See Ogden Nash’s (from “Prayer at the End of a Rope,” 1939)

I’m going to give it the old college try again and attempt to write on this blog every week.  I know, I’ve said that before.  What keeps me from it?  Life, for one!  Procrastination for another!  Who knows?  This time I’ll get in the swim of writing and go for it!  Writing is my soul, and I’ve been lacking lately.  I can use all kinds of excuses, but I will not do it.  I haven’t written, pure and simple.

To refresh your memories, I write on this blog and include Cliches and you try and pick them out.  Then next week, I’ll tell you what they were and where they came from.

If I can figure out how to redo my blog, I plan on adding some things.  Maybe giving you a taste of my writing, etc.  Won’t say too much as we’ll see if I can figure it out.

Until next time,

Keep Writing!