Well, I’m back.  I know, I’ve said that before.  But hopefully, I’ll get back on track and once a week faithfully stay the course.

Last Clichés:

Easy as Pie – Not difficult; requiring little or no effort of expertise. Analogy = to eating pie rather than making it, which requires expertise and effort.  Americanism dating early 20th cent., becoming a recent cliché.

No Laughing Matter – A serious issue.  Term always put in negative way—one never hears of something that is a laughing matter.  Dates from 16th cent..  Playwright Richard Bransley Sheridan (1793), “A joke in your mouth is no laughing matter.”

Well, hope springs eternal that I’ll keep writing once a week on this blog.  It’s been almost a month since my last writing.  Yes, I’ve been busy, but that’s no excuse.  My writers’ group is keeping me busy, like I have a job.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the work, but since I’ve taken on the job, I’ve not done much writing, other than for the position.  I keep telling myself it will be easier once I finish… and then something else comes along.  However, it’s not the position, but me finding ways to get out of continuing on my writing.

Is it writers’ bloc? Is it procrastination?  When I write I feel so much better.  So, why don’t I write?  Well, I am writing.  Just not fiction.  Just not on this blog.  So, in a word, I am writing and I don’t have writers’ bloc.

Then is it a form of procrastination? Knowing me, probably.  I enjoy writing and what I’m writing, but, I think I can find ways to avoid ending my book by finding something else to do.  I’m at a point in my novel where I have to decide who the killer is and I think I’m avoiding it.  I have a choice of three different people and not sure who I want it to be.  Actually I could have a fourth one in there.  Yes, I write my novels by the seat of my pants.  I start writing and I don’t even know who the killer is until he/she reveals himself/herself.  And I’m at that point.  So, I’ve been stalling, hating to make the decision.

So, it is not writer’s bloc or procrastination, but fear!  Afraid to say, “You’re the bad guy.”  Because basically I want everyone to be good.  But in a novel, especially if you’re writing mystery/suspense/thriller, someone has to be bad to have a big conflict.  So I guess I’ll get the lead out of my feet and get back to writing on a daily basis.

I’ll write again in a week.  Not sure what day I’ll be writing on, but once a week, this blog will be updated!

Until sometime next week,

Keep Writing!