Hello everyone!

Well, I was so busy with my new position for the Redwood Writers Branch of the California Writers Club, I forgot to blog last week. I’m membership chair for the branch and it is renewal time. Busy!

Last Post Cliches:
Time Flies – time moves swiftly onward. Numerous ancients in roman times said tempus fugit (time flies) Check out Chaucer, The Clerk’s Tale. Term amplified by Ken Hoshino’s translation of Kaibaka Ekken’s Ten Kun (1710). Today-time flies when you’re having fun.

Every Little Bit Helps – any tiny contribution to a ause, collection or undertaking can be useful. According to Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs, this expression began in 1590. Another version in O’Keefee’s play, Wild Oats in 1791. The “bit” was added in America early 20th Cent. A.W. Upfield used it in The Man of Two Tribes (1956).

Well, I’m slow but sure working on my new position. We have over 170 members in our Redwood Writers Branch and we need to get them renewed by June 30–that is if they want to win a prize for early renewal. Luckily we have a Renewal button on our website: www.redwoodwriters.org.

I can’t say I’ve learned the hard way for taking on this position, because I’m enjoying it. Getting to meet new people and help members is rewarding for me. I’m able to do this job in the creature comforts of my own home. No, I don’t get paid, but the writing clubs’ motto is “writers helping writers” and that’s what I’m doing.

As soon as I learn the position and feel comfortable, it will be okay. Right now it’s busy with renewals and getting a few new members signed up, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Next week I’ll try and post on Friday as usual.
Until then, join a writing club — learn from and enjoy the company of other writers.

Keep Writing,