Well, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written on my blog. Had my administrator update it and have every intention of continuing to blog more.

Last Clichés:

Couch Potato—A lazy individual who prefers watching TV to other leisure activities. A slang expression that alludes to an inert object (potato) that sits on a sofa, was invented in the 1970s and quickly gained momentum. Due to the remote control devices, a devout TV addict didn’t have to get up to change channels.

Cry Over Spilled Milk—Don’t regret what’s done and can’t be helped. Milk-once spilled- can’t be recovered must have been seen from the first day milk was put into a container. “No weeping for shed milk” appears in 2 17th Cent. proverb collections: James Howell, 1659, John Ray, 1678. The use of “spilled milk” conveys the entire cliché.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained—If you won’t take a chance, you can’t expect to achieve anything. Two older proverbial forms: naught venture, naught have, stated by Chaucer (c. 1374) and nothing venture, nothing win, by William Caxton about a century later. The modern version appears in Thomas Heywood’s play Captives (1624): “I see here that naught venturs, nothing gayness.” This phrase is repeated in several languages since then or sometimes used as no pain, no gain which is used by coaches, trainers and physical therapists. It dates from early 17th century and the current mid-19th century.

So, how many did you find last time?

I was not asleep at the switch for the past year or so. I just couldn’t write.

However, I did make up stories in my head and finally started putting them down on paper. I have 17 chapters drafted on my new book, working title Enemy at Home. It’s an open question as to whether it will be the real title of my next book.

I’m excited about writing again. Writing has always fulfilled me and kept me busy.

I pray that my subscribers have had the patience of Job and you’re still with me on my blog. I will continue to interject clichés in my blog and explain them in the next one.

I will also write about writing, publishing, etc. and this time insert pieces of my new work and hope you’ll leave comments.

Until next time,

Keep Writing,