Are you in a writing slump? What do you do to get out of it?

First, last clichés:

Clear as Mud – Obscure, murky, anything but clear.  This phrase is used ironically to indicate that something is unclear. It dates from the early 19th century. See R. H. Barham’s Ingoldsby Legends (1842). It’s still frequently heard.

Put one’s best foot forward- Make the best possible impression. Dates from the 16th century. What is the “best foot”? What’s the significance? Shakespeare made it the better foot ( see Titus Andronicus and King John). Sir Thomas Overby used in in 1613 in Characters: A footeman, “His legs are not matches for he is still setting the best foot forward.”  One writer’s idea is that “best foot” is always meant “right foot,” the left being considered unlucky. Whatever?– the phrase is still current.

(not) Like shooting Fish in a Barrel – Very simple, extremely easy. This is a fanciful hyperbole. Dates from 20th century. See Gene Fowler The Great Mouthpiece (1931). By then it was already a well-known phrase.

Lion’s Share – The greater part of something. Comes from one of Aesop’s fables where the lion got not just the largest part of the kill acquired in hunting with an ass, fox, and wolf, but all of it, since the others were afraid to claim their share.

So, how many did you find?

Well, I’m in a writing slump. I’ve started my fourth thriller, Death Awakens Me, and I’m stuck. What’s causing this? Do I have my nose out of joint about something? Do I have too many distractions? Now in this day and age, what could be distracting me? Couldn’t be that every time I sit at the computer, I find something else to do but write. And even when writing this post, my internet goes down.

So, what are some ideas to get out of my slump. I’ve already tried doing other things. Gardening, house cleaning, crocheting…. How about writing? Not on my novel, but here on this blog. I cannot get beside myself over this slump, because it will pass.

I, personally, need to sit on my couch with pen and paper and, yes, you guessed it, Write! I cannot compose on the computer. Too many distractions. But, if I grab paper and pen and sit somewhere, I can write page after page.

Summer is here, so sitting outside, unless early in the morning or late evening, is too hot. However, I can sit in my office with headphones on to tune out noises and write. Even if I don’t write on my new novel, I can write my blogs, ideas, character traits, even a letter to get me to write.

So, what do you suggest to get out of a writing slump? Let me know. If you google it, you’ll get all kinds of ideas from others. What works for you?

Until next time,

Keep Writing, writing anything ….