Great, just started writing on my blog and my computer shut down, so have to start over.
I’m back from a sabbatical and having life get in the way.
I know it’s been a month of Sundays since I wrote on this blog and you might not remember that I do this thing in my blog where I embed cliches and you have to find them. Then the next time I tell you what they were. So here are last blog’s cliches:

never a dull moment – something exciting is always happening. Term is usually stated ironically when something dangerous, stressful, or unpleasant is occurring.  Started in 1930s with Royal Navy and crossed the ocean and is now used in civilian situations.

a coon’s age – a long time. It’s an American expression from first half of 19th Century. Based on mistaken idea that racoons (coon’s) are long-lived. The creatures are not, but their fur used in colonial times is sturdy and long-lasting. i.e. see the black dialect in Southern Sketches (1860).

keep my chin up – don’t lose courage. Term replaced British saying: keep your pecker up.(from 1840s) pecker was defined as “courage”.  Didn’t catch on in America because of the slang use here. keep your chin up as been used for a long time- see 1942 The Six Iron Spiders by P. A. Taylor.

So on with my blog.  My finger itches to write, however what is the best time to write?  Well, I’ve discovered that my write time is in the morning.  That’s one of the reasons this blog has not been successful.  I scheduled to write on it in the afternoon’s.  My phone is set up to an alarm to remind me.  Guess what? When the alarm went off, I couldn’t care less and usually ignored it.  I was doing something else – probably napping – and never wrote!
Well, I’m a morning person.  By afternoon, my brain is not as “strong” as it used to be in the morning and ideas don’t flow as well.  I’ve always been a morning person, getting my best writing done in the mornings, cleaning the house in the a.m., and exercising. So why should I schedule anything to work on in the afternoon?  I will change my schedule to remind me to write once a week, at least, on my blog in the morning sometime.  We’ll see how that works.

So, what’s the best time for you to write?  Can you write anytime? Do you do your best work in the evening?  Maybe that’s why you’re not getting your writing in?  Figure out your best time and then sit down and write!
Until next time….Keep Writing!